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Pastoral Prayer: Victory through God Alone

Our Father and Lord, We are insufficient for the work that You have called us to. Should we presume to slay the dragon? Should we presume to make a hard heart soft?
Would we, Adam’s sons and daughters, presume to righteousness when our hearts are corrupt and our lives divided? Would we call to the dead and expect them to rise? Would we minister to mountains and think they would move?
In our sin, we speak of slaying giants. In our sin, we speak of overcoming. In our sin, we speak these things believing that it is our faith, our planning, our strength, and our wisdom that can bring them to pass.
Lord, let us not presume to do anything by our names but by Yours alone. Your are the King of Israel. You are the Commander of Angel Armies. You are the Healer and Redeemer and Judge and Savior. In Your name we come out, ready to do battle with the cosmic powers and rulers and principalities, the forces of spiritual darkness that lies behind this world. In Your name alone could we ever hope t…

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