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Marriage from the Other Side: Regrets

  This is the second of several posts I’m writing reflecting on our marriage from the far side of Elizabeth’s death. I discussed the best things about our life together last time ; it seems only fitting to name some of my regrets. I should say up front that this has been a much harder post to write. It feels vulnerable to talk about our weaknesses. Both of us were incredibly grateful for our marriage, and it is important to me to not let the flaws overshadow that beauty. Also, many of these regrets are specific in a way the good parts aren’t, and so I wondered if they will be helpful to name. Discussions of regrets can fall into the trap of denying God-given human limitations. Absolutely, when I look back, there are nights and weekends I wish we had spent time talking or having adventures that were instead spent just doing our own thing or laying on the couch watching TV. However, to feel guilty about not being relationally 100% all the time is a false sort of shame. Marriage is a

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