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Is All Sin the Same?

Truths are lies when the are misapplied. One of the most common failures I feel like many Christians (and pastors) make is that we haven't reckoned with this fact. We take certain teachings and ideas in Scripture and connect them to situations where they don’t belong. We make truths into truisms, bumper stickers to slap on any surface, and there is real damage that results. I was thinking about this recently as I dialogued with a few folks about what I wrote about the scandal surrounding Ravi Zacharias , who internal investigations found had misbehaved sexually in some truly egregious ways. What I noticed was the way certain Christians immediately went to familiar statements: “We’re all sinners.” “Sin is sin.” “I am no better than him.” “There but for the grace of God…” etc. The reason I struggled in these conversations is because none of those sayings are untrue. However, I think they are dangerous in such cases of scandal because they are not saying all that Scripture would say,

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