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Christian Nationalism

For a long time, there has been heated online debate about Christian Nationalism. Whether from folks on the left decrying it or folks on the right applauding it (or others on both sides with more complicated views), it continues to consume a lot of oxygen. I’ve avoided writing about it for several reasons. One: it is a notoriously slippery term; depending on who is defining it and in what context, it seems to mean everything from “I love Jesus and have appropriate patriotism for my country” to “I oppose (or support) a violently-imposed white theocratic ethnostate.” Two: while I follow politics, I as a pastor mostly avoid political debates. I have a job with a boss who is on a throne that has no connection to Washington, D.C. This is doubly true for debates I see as largely being online; my congregation is physical and local, not digital and vocal. And three: given the state of our cultural moment, I think the discussion is theoretical to the point of being silly. It reminds me of someo

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