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Pastoral Prayer - Lord of Our Hearts

God of the Secret Things,
You are Lord not only of the surface but of the heart. You know us in our deepest being. You call us to righteousness in every part. You exhort us not simply to actions but to love, not simply to perseverance but to hope, not simply to duty but to joy.

Father, we give You thanks that You have worked salvation in our inmost beings. We have been born again by Your Spirit. You have taken out our hearts of stone and given us hearts of flesh. You have breathed the breath of life into us by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Teach us, Lord, to follow You not simply in word but in truth. Conform our affections and passions to Your design. Transform our minds. Create in us a clean heart, O God, and renew our spirits in steadfastness. Give us holiness in our inward places, that from the overflow of that change our mouths would speak and our wills would move.

Wed our hearts to Yours, that we might be more like You. You tell us that You delight in obedience; give us this sa…

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