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Remarriage, Death & Love: Answering the Unasked Questions

My first wedding was almost fifteen years ago. I have another one on Saturday. There is beauty and excitement in that, but also some strangeness and ambiguity. Christians are not used to discussing topics like remarriage. Even in situations like mine, where my first wife’s death makes it (tragically) simpler in some ways, there is a lostness about what exactly to say and think. I empathize; I’ve had to process that lostness myself in the process of grieving and falling in love a second time. I've written about it a little , but wanted to expand on it here. Because of the ambiguity, I often feel like I am swimming in a sea of unasked questions with people. It is an awkward topic, and challenging to address, and full of complicated emotions. But I hate unasked questions. So as I get ready for this weekend with joy but also with some sadness, I wanted to try to name and answer some of them, partly as a pastor and partly as a guy who’s been wrestling with them himself.  How do you thin

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