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The Nakedness of God

Note: This is the manuscript of the sermon I'm preaching tonight for our Good Friday service. It's not edited for blogging as it normally would be, but it speaks to some things my heart has recently been deeply meditating on. It is often the little details we ignore or skip over in a story that are the most revealing about our hearts. The little inconsistencies. The stuff we fail to notice. It can often reveal things we are afraid to look at, our places of deepest wounding and shame. Tonight, this Good Friday, I want to focus on one of those specific details about the crucifixion that I think offers us an incredible vision of one part of Jesus’s work. Pretty much all of us have seen images of Jesus on the cross. Crucifixes. Pictures in children’s Bibles. Movies like the Passion of the Christ. In every one of those images, even the ones that show the crucifixion in its brutality and Jesus in his agony—in almost every one of them, Jesus is wearing some kind of garment. A loin clo

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