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Giving Thanks for Hard Truths

Tomorrow, my beautiful wife Elizabeth and I will have been married for twelve years. There is much I am grateful for about her, and I’ve celebrated some of those things here in the past. However, as I reflected on our anniversary this year, what I found myself feeling gratitude about was something less romantic but perhaps more important to our continued love: the unflinchingly realistic view of marriage we were given as young people when we entered into that covenant together. I just want to reflect on a few of the truths we were told. We didn’t understand them at the time, but they continue to echo in my ears as I seek to love and cherish this woman God has given me.

“You never marry the right person.”

This is the place to start. When two people decide to marry each other, their perspective on the other is almost always skewed by a cocktail of youth, infatuation, and sexual desire. They are convinced this person completes them, that they are “the One,” and that they will always desi…

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