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A Prayer for New Mothers

A prayer I was asked to write for a new mother's celebration at our church: Lord of Mercy, You are the realization of all true loves, including the love of a parent. You are to us a gracious father, protecting and providing and welcoming, running to embrace us when we wander and seating us at your table. And you are to us a tender mother, comforting and nursing and watching over us, groaning in your spirit with us and gathering us under the shelter of your wings. We pray for these mothers, that you would so love them that they might love as you have loved. Give them tenderness toward their little ones, even in the midst of life’s frustrations. Give them wisdom and patience in the midst of life’s distractions. Give them courage and strength in the face of life’s challenges. Give them encouragement, reminding them that in their care for their children, they are engaging in the greatest human calling of imaging you. Lord, we pray that you would help them love, and we pray that you wou

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