Simeon's Prayer

I know posting has been spotty - we're down a person here at our church, so I'm doing a bunch of extra stuff that cuts into my writing time. That said, sometimes you produce really random things as a pastor. For instance, you start thinking about Advent services and somehow end up writing a slam poem (largely) from the perspective of Simeon. So, since I'm not sure what else to do with it, here it is:
Simeon's Prayer 
Creation is aching
Creation is groaning
A woman is moaning in childbirth
The droning of this earth
Joins with her
Together to cry for atoning
Oh Father, how far off you feel
There's men drawing steel
Women longing to heal
Yet they cry to the heavens
Where only cold stars You reveal
Have we grown so distant, my King?
You walked with our parents through gardens in spring
They hid from You, yes, still You saw everything
We've brought You our bulls for Your burnt offerings
We've made our oblations, we've tuned up our strings
Yet do You give ear when we pray?
Do you hear when we sing?
Are we destined to pay and to pay
For the day Adam didn't obey?
Are You there listening?
Or am I just talking to me?
We are in a world deceased.
A world diseased. A world torn piece from piece.
Where people name fellow people beast.
Where people suffer. People cease.
Where, King above, is Your reign of peace?
Why don't you come with your heavenly host?
Come put an end to the devil's boast
With fire and light and a single angel riposte?
This is my plea.
Or really, if I'm honest most
Days it should be
But isn't
I've given up the ghost here livin'
Under Roman captivity
An old man waiting for Messiahs who will never be
Could it be?
This voice in me that's whispering -
Might I believe what it is telling me?
This couple in the temple's wing
In dusty garments – this cannot be
This cannot be the King
Holy, High Infinity
His eyes unfocused and gray
His palms could snap in my hands
His bones and guts and brains
Joined with the great I AM
You, distant daunting God
You would become a man?
I cannot understand
And yet...
A woman is laughing
A child is smiling
While you are defiled wearing our flesh
Made subject to our death
Joined with us
To become what you're reconciling
Now Your servant may depart in peace


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