Lie With Me Lover (Song)

As we have been walking through the reality of my wife's diagnosis with terminal cancer, music has been one of my main outlets. I've been recording an EP of these songs which can be found here. For now, here's the first song from that album.

Lie with me lover, all mortal and frail
You're burning with fever and gossamer pale
We promised forever, but we never dreamed
Forever might not be as long as it seemed
They say that each life, it begins with a spark
The forge of creation, a torch in the dark
It shone in your smile and warmed me at night
And though shadows grow long, I can still see it's light

I gave you my name and I gave you that ring
The one that you spin on your hand as you sing
Cause love is a circle that turns with no end
But life is a line under gravity's bend
We planted these seeds and they started to grow
Seeds of affection and family and home
But I'll tend our garden just like we had vowed
Long after you're planted with them in the ground

Living is weighing me down like a stone
Dying is choking my joy with its tears
But all of our sorrow, it's still worth the load
And I treasure each moment of these too-few years

Take my hand baby, I'll stay by your side
As you feel the tugging of the Jordan's tide
Cause Canaan is calling you from the far shore
But I'll hold you until it's not you anymore
Creation is groaning like it's giving birth
And I'll join it's cry as you join with its earth
Until what is hoped for springs forth from the womb
And darkness is bright and what's planted will bloom
When dying is dead and what's old becomes new