Pastoral Prayer - God's Wisdom

God of Wisdom,
In Your perfect understanding, You made all things. Everything on earth and in the heavens, oceans and mountains, ants and human beings, stars and galaxies and angels – all of them were spoken into being by Your Word. Your power and perfection are shown by Your works even though we often lack the eyes to see it.

In Your wisdom, You also rule over all things. Nothing happens except that which is according to Your will. It is Your sovereign power that keeps the planets in their orbits, that brings the rain and the sun, and that ultimately governs all human affairs.

We confess that at times it is hard for us to trust in Your wise decrees. Your ways are beyond us. Certainly, there is much that is broken in the world, and we pray that You would bring healing to those broken places.
  • We pray for those who groan under oppressive governments, for those who are ruined by injustices, and for those who live in fear of violence. Remind those who govern that they are to do so in a manner that reflects You, bring them to repentance when they fail, and chastise them when they persist in evil. 
  • We pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer for bearing Your name - for those who are in prison, for those who are disenfranchised, and for those who bear on their scarred bodies the marks of their faithfulness. Protect them, encourage their hearts, and teach us to advocate for them and to learn from their costly obedience. 
  • We pray for those who stumble under the weight of this fallen world - for those whose bodies are sagging under disease, for those whose hearts are broken from loss, and for those who ache for abandonment or betrayal by those they love. Bring healing to their circumstances and renew their hearts even as their bodies are wasting away. 
We pray for all these, lifting them up before Your holy throne. We do this, Lord, trusting in two truths.

One - that in Your wisdom You are working all things for the good of those who are in Christ Jesus. Not that our present circumstances are always good but that You are good and that You can work through even the darkness to bring light.

And two – that You are mighty to answer these requests. That You can bring wholeness and hope to us in this life, and that You will ultimately return and make all things new. You will ride forth with a sword in Your hand and healing in Your wings and You will judge all that is evil and raise again all that is lost. We long for that day when Your wise rule will be made manifest and all that opposes it is finally destroyed. This is our prayer – come quickly, King Jesus.