Pastoral Prayer - Name Above Every Name

Lord Jesus Christ,
To You is given the name above every name. God the Father, the Great I AM, the Lord of heaven and earth, sent You into the world to work our salvation. Though You were in very nature this same God, You humbled Yourself to take on flesh and become one of us. Going even further, in love You humbled Yourself even unto death, dying under the wrath we deserved so that we might gain the inheritance You deserve from the Father.

Jesus, You died for us, but Your Father vindicated You by raising You from the dead. You broke the gates of the grave and came forth again, offering us new life in this age and the age to come. Even more, You were exalted above the heavens, ruling all things by Your Word. In this, Jesus, You have been given the name above every name. At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that You are the Lord, the great I AM.

Jesus, we pray that Your name would be exalted among the nations. We pray that You would bless the church throughout the world. We especially pray that You would safeguard those brothers and sisters who fearlessly bear Your name even when it costs them their jobs, their freedom, and even their lives. We confess the wickedness of our halfheartedness when we see their faithfulness and pray that You would grow us to be more like them. We pray also for those that carry Your name across the divisions of race and language and border. Provide for their needs and build Your kingdom through them.

Jesus, we also pray that Your name would be exalted in our nation and our cities. Be at work calling people to You and teaching them to walk in Your ways. Be challenging us, as we are those tasked with bearing Your name, that we would be courageous and diligent in building relationships with our neighbors and speaking through those relationships about Your faithfulness. Help us in our lives to show forth the life we have in Your resurrection so that Your reputation might be exalted by those we meet.

Most of all, we pray that Your name would be exalted in our hearts. You created us for Your glory; turn us from our vain idols and teach us to glorify Your name. Bow our knees and loose our tongues that we might celebrate You as Our Lord.

Jesus, as You work in us, we also trust in You as we present our prayers to You this morning. For those needs we bring into Your presence, we ask that You might show Your glorious grace in providing for them. Build up Your reputation by saving us from our broken circumstances and perishing bodies. Exalt Your name by healing and encouraging. Work in all things what is best, and remind us that the best thing is Yourself.

We bring these requests before the heavenly throne in Your name, Jesus, trusting in the access You have purchased.