Everything New (Hymns & Songs)

(Over the years I've written - and continue to write - songs and retuned older hymns for church worship. I'm occasionally posting those songs here. If you're using them in a church worship setting, go for it, just please give credit and let me know.)

A song about hoping in Christ's return and the new heavens and new earth.

Everything New
Words and Music: Eric Tonjes

The snow-covered peaks
And the kiss of the sun
Hold a faint echoing
Of their glory to come
Hear the rivers and stones
Like a mother in birth
As together they groan
For the end of the curse

You make everything new
Everything new
All that's dying and dry
Will be watered with life
And everything sad come untrue
You make everything new
Everything new
The trumpet will sound
And your glory rain down
And shower the earth like the dew
You make everything new

Verse 2:
All who long for the right
All who grieve for their wrongs
All who weep in the night
All who ache at the dawn
Cry for grace to appear
And for justice to come
When you dry every tear
And you welcome us home

Lord lift our eyes and fix them on Zion
The city descending, the hope we rely on
Where rivers of wine and oceans of gladness
Will drown all the dying and sickness and sadness
Oh now make us citizens born of that nation
Who work as we wait for the earth's consumation
Living for resurrection and the reckoning
Longing and laboring till...

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