Psalm 104 - Praise the Lord, O My Soul (Hymns and Songs)

(Over the years I've written - and continue to write - songs and retuned older hymns for church worship. I'm occasionally posting those songs here. If you're using them in a church worship setting, go for it, just please give credit and let me know.)

For much of its history, the Psalms were a central part of the worship of the church. Compiled originally as a sort of hymn book for Israel, they are beautiful - and sometimes challenging to modern expectations - songs of trust, praise, struggle and hope. This was the first in what became a project for me of rewriting and tuning psalms for church singing.

Psalm 104 (Praise the Lord O My Soul)
Words and Music: Eric Tonjes

Verse 1:
You wear sunlight as Your raiment
You are clothed in majesty
All the heavens are your temple
Its foundations are the seas
You ride out among the clouds
And the winds blow like your angels’ wings
You have formed the earth’s foundations
At your touch the oceans fled
You have covered it with water
Like a blanket that you spread
You raised up the mighty mountains
And told the rivers where to tread

Let us sing to the Lord for as long as we live
And rejoice in the riches and blessings that He gives
Come and wonder at all of His works
From this day till the end of the curse
Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord O my soul

Verse 2:
All your springs, they gush like fountains
For the beasts to live beside
You who water all the mountains
Till the earth is satisfied
You pour out your rich abundance
The freest oil, the finest wine
And the moon that marks the seasons
When you cause the sun to set
Is still under your dominion;
In the night you don’t forget,
But your faithfulness is promised
With each sunrise You give us again

Verse 3:
In Your wisdom You’ve created
Oceans deep and mountains high
You who grow the crops in season
Open-handed You provide
When You turn away Your gaze
All that’s left is to exhale and die
Yet you send again Your Spirit
And creation is renewed
May Your glory last forever
Shown in everything You do
The earth quakes and the mountains smoke
And everything sings praise to You

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