You Are (Hymns & Songs)

(Over the years I've written - and continue to write - songs and retuned older hymns for church worship. I'm occasionally posting those songs here. If you're using them in a church worship setting, go for it, just please give credit and let me know.)

One of the things lost in a lot of modern writing of theology is a sense of wonder. People act like they either have God all figured out or that, since He is mysterious, they might as well not think much about it at all. One of the things I love about older theologians is the way they married a humility about what they could know with a willingness to try, to do their best to grasp at the edges of divine mystery while never claiming to have comprehended it. Reading some of that was what inspired this song.

You Are
Words and Music: Eric Tonjes

If life is but a flicker, then you are the rising of the sun
If time is like a river, then you are the mountain it pours from
You are not like us, seated in the heavens' heights
You are beyond us, robed in splendor, hid in light

But you set Your Spirit in our hearts
You who dwell above the stars
Named us sons and daughters of the glorious King
You took flesh to call us in
You paid blood for all our sins
And You rose again eternal life to bring

We are swirling vapor, but You are the rock that does not move
We are pulled asunder; You are always all that is in you
You do not dwell in temples made by human wills
How could we serve Him who spoke the cattle and the hills

You are “I Am”
We are not what we should be
You are “I Am”
We make war against Your peace
You are “I Am”
We are prone to go astray
Yet You are the one whose love will never change