Fearless in Sickness - Day 1

(This is part of a series of devotionals for use during coronavirus quarantine. You can download the devotional guide here.)

Scripture Reading: Romans 8:12-17

There is perhaps no greater proclamation than this: we are children of the living God. Every child should find, in their parents, comfort and security. Their attitude should be that, while life might seem unsure, they know who their father is in a way that lifts the spirits. Of course, not all of us experienced such parental security from our earthly parents. However, all of us have available such a hope in our heavenly Father.

We have been adopted into God’s family. Jesus Christ, God’s true Son, enjoys the delights and privileges of sonship. He stands before the Father, beloved and righteous. The hope of the gospel is that, as we are united with Jesus, we have exactly the same standing as Him. We share in the same delight and inheritance; we are beloved and righteous.

While our station in the world is uncertain, our standing with God is secure. He loves us. We know who our Father is. We can find comfort and security in this truth.

A Prayer for Our Hearts, in Uncertainty
We confess that we often live as slaves to fear rather than children of God. Confirm to our hearts Your trustworthiness. Speak to our spirits Your love. Calm our anxieties, settle our emotions, and remind us that You are great and You are good; You are sovereign over all the earth and You love us with an everlasting love. Hear this our prayer through the sonship of Jesus Christ, our Lord.


A Hymn