Fearless in Sickness - Day 4

(This is part of a series of devotionals for use during coronavirus quarantine. You can download the devotional guide here.)

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 43:1-7

God is enthroned above the heavens. He holds all of eternity in His mind. He cups his hand to hold the oceans and rules over galaxies and kings.

God is with us. He watches over our lives. His Spirit is in our hearts. He has loved us and saved us. He knows our struggles and counts our tears.

It is in the fusion of these two truths that we can walk into the suffering of this world. In the fires and deep waters of life – God has gone before us, and God walks beside us. When we are scattered and harried, He draws us from the corners of the earth to Himself. Though the world seems to give way, we face it with the knowledge that God has turned His face toward us and that He will never look away.

A Prayer for Those Beset with Anxiety
We are all, in the face of this world, afraid. Be with us and calm our fears. We are especially mindful of those who feel trapped by such fears. Some of us are such people. Remind each of us that You are near to us. You are listening to us right now, You will go with us into our troubles, and nothing in this world can remove us from Your love. In this knowledge, let us live calmly and courageously in love. This we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.


A Hymn