Fearless in Sickness - Day 5

(This is part of a series of devotionals for use during coronavirus quarantine. You can download the devotional guide here.)

Scripture Reading: Psalm 34:1-10

If we have God, we have everything.

The Psalmist invites us to taste and see that He is good. He does this within the context of proclaiming His protecting and care, but it is not the protection that is His ultimate focus but God Himself. He is our blessing. He is our boast. We magnify Him, and so we find ourselves unafraid.

The wonder of hoping in God is that nothing in our circumstances can take Him from us. If we trust in some worldly object, it can fail us. If we trust in ourselves, we will fail. However, if we trust in God, there is no loss that can snatch Him away. There is no enemy that can steal Him. Death itself, the end of all earthly hopes, is merely an entrance in to His presence. The more our hearts fix themselves on God, the more we are able to live in this uncertain world without anxiety. If our aim is some worldly blessing, we will never truly secure it. If our aim is to glory in and enjoy Him, we will find that desire met, and many blessings in this age besides.

A Prayer for the Hopeless
In this anxious time, we are especially mindful of those who lack hope. For discouraged saints, we pray that they might experience Your presence and taste and see that You are good. For the lost, we pray that the good news of the gospel might awaken their hearts and bring them into life. For all of us, we pray that our trust would be in Your goodness and glory. We lift up all of these requests in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

A Hymn